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I finally, finally finished my Christmas shopping, and the last of the Amazon packages arrived this morning so I am completely finished - just in time for the holidays. Huh-freakin'-zah. Despite evidence to the contrary, I love the hell out of this time of year; I'm just never prepared for it. For example: [ profile] thoughtdreams, [ profile] tequilafest, [ profile] disi, [ profile] notbiddable, [ profile] raelala, and [ profile] grrliz all sent me cards and happiness, and I have nothing to give them in return. (I bareassgnome all of you very much!)

For my flist, because I bareassgnome you, too.

I also made some random Holiday/Christmas icons, including a couple from A Christmas Story, which [ profile] grrliz was kind enough to remind me I love. (I only really like the first one, but what the hell, it's Christmas.) Click the cut and take anything you want. :)

HO HO HO, my lovelies. )


Nov. 3rd, 2005 12:21 am
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Thanks to [ profile] thoughtdreams, I have rediscovered the crack that is Artpad. This site is like a traffic accident - you just can't look away.

So, I'm gonna resurrect an old meme (originally from [ profile] raelala I think, though that might have been MS Paint):

Comment here and I'll make you a drawing on Artpad based on one of your interests. You have no say on which one I choose, and you only get to make fun of my mad art skills once. Neener.

An example of what I mean. Let the games begin!


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