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Okay, so I’m from the Buffy fandom of old, so I know how being jossed feels. I’ve been working on a purgatory fic that is slowly gaining momentum - we’re talking damn near big bang levels here, though I haven't gotten beyond the rough outline stage yet. Here’s the question: IS IT WORTH IT TO BECOME SO INVESTED WHEN THE NEW SEASON STARTS BEFORE I’LL FINISH IT? AND LOOKS TO BE PHENOMENAL? Is anyone interested in reading purgatory fic? Or am I just fiddling about with ideas to keep myself occupied in the interim?
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You know that void you feel after finally finishing a huge project that's taken up your brain for the past few months? That's where I'm at right now. :(

I really kind of want to write Purgatory fic, but there's NO PLOT yet. Just random snatches of dialogue and a whole bunch of meta. I don't want to be spoiled by anything so anything I put together will most likely be jossed but I have a lot of thoughts.

Anybody have any suggestions to get me going? Inspirations? Plot bunnies for sale?

...Prompts? I'm not promising anything, but we'll see?
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I've been scrounging the internet for traditional circus acts (WALL OF DEATH, PEOPLE), watched The Greatest Show On Earth, and I'm picking up a library book on the history of the circus in the United States tomorrow at the library. Oh, and I have both a rough outline and a couple paragraphs already written out.

Folks, this AU fic is a-go. Send encouragement and cookies, 'cause this looks to be a long one.
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SPOILERS for 7x11 (hee, that rhymes!) )

Also, I may or may not be doing research on writing a circus-themed SPN AU, with Dean as a knife thrower, Sam as a lion tamer, Crowley as the ringmaster, Bobby the manager, and the angels as popular trapeze artists. God help me.


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