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Soooooo. I'm supposed to be taking a shower before bed. Instead I'm brainstorming another hugeass Supernatural fic. *headdesk* I dunno, either.

It's not the circus but it is something very near and dear to my heart. It requires some research, though, so I'm going to start now. I'm looking for classic children's literature that transports a "simple" character somewhere else... like a hunter into purgatory the forest, for instance. Am I missing anything from this list? I've read most of these but I feel like I've left something out.

Which ones would you like to see make an appearance in Supernatural-land? (Now in handy poll form!)

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I seem to be incapable of writing anything smaller than 20K. :( That being said, I signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and I'm currently knee deep in writing a circus fic, but I've hit something of a snag. Without giving too much away, Team Free Will are performers with a declining circus. I've timed it somewhere around the early 50's inspired mainly by The Greatest Show on Earth. Dean, a professional sharpshooter like his father, is "dealing" with the end of WWII and what he did there; this is not the main plot of the story, but it definitely effects the rest.

My main problem so far is that the boys - Dean especially - are very fond of pop culture, making references and listening to a particular type of music. Basing the story in the early fifties lends it a certain romanticism but makes that really hard on my part. (There are certainly references to be made, and circus life makes up a large chunk of that, but the language itself is different, you know?) And then it occurred to me: Why not time it after the Vietnam War, instead? The culture is different and a little more similar to what canon Dean is interested in. I'll have to shift my way of thinking, though, since I was trying to avoid making it too modern.

A setting change won't really alter things too drastically, but I'm not sure. Any ideas, internet? Would you rather read a story set in the early fifties or the late seventies?
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For the record, here's my one prediction for book 7, completely unspoiled and just a bit rambly, so it's behind a cut. It's about Snape. And Voldemort. And stuff. )


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