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The majority of The Precision of The Fall was edited at five in the morning on very little sleep. Reading through it again I noticed a lot of errors I missed. That was totally my bad (not my beautiful beta’s) and I feel terrible about it. I’ve gone through and adjusted everything so that it’s perfect... or as close to perfect as I can get. I’ve also updated the PDFs so if you've already downloaded and want a better version you may want to check that out.

There’s nothing quite so mortifying as being super excited about posting something only to find glaring grammar issues after you’ve pimped it all over. *headdesk*
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Almost eleven thousand words in to my Big Bang. ELEVEN THOUSAND WORDS, two thousand of which I produced tonight. Some of that is still in rough format, just dialogue and placeholders until I can fill it out later. I haven't even added in the act descriptions or flushed out a lot of the plot points yet. I've got a long way to go, but it looks like I might actually get there.

Holy shit. I'm not bragging, I'm just a little boggled. I had a moment like this on my last two stories, too. That I-can't-believe-I'm-writing-this-much-or-maybe-this-well feeling. I'm not sure what to make of it right now.

...Of course, part of that could be because it's after four in the morning. *headdesk*
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Damn it, why the hell is it always my books that get wet when the roof leaks? The Powers tpb was right next to the gossip mags, why'd the good stuff have to go? *sigh* I think it's still salvageable, though the front cover's gonna be tricky. Huh. The inner pages only got soaked to the part where the superhero pees on the underage hooker - the rest of the pages are only slightly damp. An ironic twist, or a cruel joke of nature?

I only just discovered Powers recently, and hot damn am I hooked. It's basically CSI with superheroes, only with much better writing and a healthy disrespect for the characters and ideals that make superheroes so exciting in the first place. Continuity's kickass and the art sets the tone perfectly - oh, the lighting, it's fantastic on this book. Powers has the best use of shadow I have ever seen in a comicbook. Ever.

I can rant all night about the storylines and drama and little details that make me crazy (and I'm not using that word lightly, it's becoming a thing) but I'd much rather you read it for yourselves. The trades are available all over, and cheaper at Amazon than you'd expect. There's even the first few storyarcs online, so there's really no reason for you not to read them, is there?

Needless to say, adult content yonder. (But isn't that the fun part?)

Start here, at the first stroryarc: Who Killed Retro Girl?
The latest online page. (NOTE: This is updated weekly and contains major spoilers if clicked by the unawary.)
P!Online - The official page. Nifty, huh?
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This was very close to the view from my back-porch tonight. Apparently, the first of only two lunar eclipses this year occurred tonight, and the last total eclipse until 2010. (And how weird is it to write 2010 as a realistic date? I feel like I should be traveling in bubble cars and wearing a stylishly pastel jogging suit or something. I want my jetpack!)

It really was amazing to witness, and I would have gladly camped out to watch the whole thing if it weren't frigidly cold outside. I made do with periodic checks out the back door and copious amounts of hot coffee, which probably accounts for my jittery typing and loss of creative vocabulary.

As neat as it was, you know what I kept thinking? I have never once read an HP fic dealing with lunar eclipses. I know! This is ripe grounds for plucking, my fic-writing friends! Think about it - the scenarios are nigh-endless. They happen at least twice a year, but the severity of darkness changes.

Can anyone rec me some good eclipse fic? I'm in need of some good Remus-writing anyway, and this idea is slowly taking over my brain.

I witness a lovely scientific event and can think of nothing but fanfic. I fully admit to my geekhood, and embrace all you throw my way. /DORK
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Upon occasion the aquarium whores itself out rents its space overnight, allowing larger groups to sleep over. Our staff stays over, too: we give them activities and things to keep the kidlets occupied, though after midnight it's all up to the chaperons to keep everyone asleep and in line.

The one overnight I did was pretty fun, because of the people I was working with and all the girl scouts that were running around everywhere. Apparently the last one was a nightmare, though, with one chaperon for every twenty kids. The thirteen-year-olds raised holy hell all night long with the chaperons laying idly by, and then one of them has the gall to complain to my supervisor that we didn't manage the children very well. Which resulted in a big ol' hell no from said supervisor - apparently the were behaving so badly she had to threaten to toss the kids out of the aquarium at four o'clock in the morning (whether their parents were with them or not) if they didn't settle down.

Anyway. They've all promised that tomorrow's overnight will be ten times easier; as there's more chaperons, the age group's a little more forgiving, and there are plenty of staff on duty. Herein lies the rub:

- I'm scheduled to work at 10:15 the next morning, and come in early for six days after that.
- It's the first time this particular supervisor has been in charge of an overnight.
- It's a large group of cubscouts, with den fathers and what not. (Is that the proper term, den father?)
- The overnight crew for this particular adventure are all boys that have a tremendous love of fart jokes and have all bonded in a manly fashion. They're the funny guys, you know?

... and the kicker ...

- Out of the eighty or so people inside the aquarium tomorrow night, I am going to be the only one without a Y chromosome.

I just submitted my first Threadless design critique for the Seed contest. This is the first semi-creative thing I've done in ages and I'm worried that it sucks so bad it won't even make it past the Threadless people to be critiqued. But the idea is so solid that if it gets through and I shine it up a bit... I don't want to jinx it by saying how awesome it could be.

And now I have to wait four to eight business days to find out if it gets on the site? Argh.

*crosses fingers and toes*

*crosses yours, too*

Oh, stop your bitching; it only hurts for a minute.
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Oh, lord. They've done it to me again.

Do you know what this means? Now I'll have to start my Hogwarts neighborhood over from the beginning again. Not that I mind, honestly. Still. Snow! Gardening! New jobs! Snow! I'm gonna give this one a 'oh, hell yes' rating in advance.

Guess who I'm meeting for lunch tomorrow? Huzzah!
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Mom and I just watched Step Up. After five hours of playing Guitar Hero with the best friend. And working nine. At four in the morning.

I spent the movie wondering why I couldn't stop watching long enough to regain some dignity* and calling down Shakespearean doom on dumbass Mercutio "Skinny". A few hours before I was giving "rock fists of love"** to a person whose hand-eye coordination is even worse than mine. (I know, I didn't think it was possible either.)

... I have the strangest nightlife ever. Not the most entertaining, but certainly the strangest.

* The choreography, music, and hotness - in that order.
** Not as pervy as it sounds. There's a couple times in GH where the crowd makes double rock fists towards the band. I did it, too, and her coordination got a smidgen better. Not a lot, but a smidgen. You should try it next time. ;)

Ps - It's wrong of me to want to go to grad school in order to teach Intro to Literature and use Happy Feet and movies like Step Up as classroom examples, isn't it? Am I completely crazy in thinking that would be the coolest thing ever?
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I just saw the best music video ever on late night MTV. I mean ever. Not only are there pink pants and sweater-vests, oh no, there's treadmill dancing. Synchronized treadmill dancing. And it's all in one take. (The music's not half bad, either.)

In other news, I spent all day yelling "AARRGH!" and frightening parents as I hopped onto their theater benches. Being a pirate is fun and all, but it's exhausting. I'ma go nap now.

PS - the guy still isn't finished with our bathroom. he hasn't shown up in four days, and i'm getting royally pissed.
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I swear, what is it about my physiology that makes me hit my stride at two o'clock in the morning? It's always been like that, even when I was a little girl. Well, maybe not when I was really little, as my parents set a strict bedtime for me, though I distinctly remember being more awake before I went to sleep than at any other time. Because of this I've learned to function reasonably well with about two hours sleep and a nap at some point in the afternoon, as those in my college dorm can attest to. (There was this weird couple of days where I had deadline after deadline and I didn't sleep for about a day and a half - I wound up curling into a ball on the busiest lobby couch ever, and crashing for an hour or so.)

I met up with the girls (yay!) for dinner at around eight tonight, and we stumbled to Starbucks until about midnight. They were obviously getting sleepy and a little slap-happy, whereas I was full of pep and ready to go. I'll probably be awake until at least six, and then meet up with the girls around ten for breakfast at First Watch. I am so nocturnal it's creepy.

...Yeah. There was no real point to this post other to say that I miss my girls when they aren't here and to point out how appropriate this icon continues to be and how much I adore [ profile] innerpoise for letting me use it.


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