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Let's all take a moment and enjoy the fact that South Park aired their internet episode the day insanejournal kicked back online. This is one of those moments where pop culture hits a little too close for comfort, and all you can do is shake your head and take it with a smile.

Today was my third year anniversary at the aquarium and I had my yearly evaluation. My supervisor (whom I'm more or less friends with) spent most of the time talking about what a good job I was doing. I'm never sure how to take these things - I mean, how do you respond to someone flattering you for a half-hour straight? I get flustered, nod, and say thank you. I feel like if I talk about stuff like that, or about the Rose Award I was nominated for, I'm holding it over my co-workers heads or something. Am I making sense?

Anyway, I got a shiny new three year pin to put on my nametag and a fifty-cent raise, which is twice the standard. I remember chatting with one of the ladies at work the other day and she commented on the fact that she didn't get a raise this year, which, in hindsight, means I got hers. It kinda makes me wanna do the nyah nyah do your work dance, but that would be rude. ;)

All this praise is coming at the wrong time, though. I'm kind of conflicted, as I can't really afford to keep working at the aquarium. This isn't how I intended to spend my life, either, but I feel a little stuck now. I like it, I do, but I know I'm gonna burn out if I have to take another summer of this crap (which is perhaps why the management is buttering me up now). There's a supervisor position open that pays more, but I really just don't want that job, you know? It'd be a challenge, and something different, but it's taking away the interaction between the guests and animals, which is what I enjoy most now.

I don't know. *is one big ol' ball of confused*

On the plus side, this month is looking to be kickass. Major raise at work, Cats at NKU, Avenue Q with the girls, Duff Goldman coming to the aquarium, my birthday... good times.
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Behold! During the recent Zombie Apocalypse, my long-neglected livejournal account sprang forth and bit me on the ass. Consequently I spent the day roaming the neighborhood with the monitor cheerfully gnawing at my derriere, mumbling about boykissing and trying to squeeze things into 100 pixel boxes. Sometimes it even worked.

Great googly, it's been over a month since I last posted. I'm not sure what's worse: the time lapse or the fact that there's not a whole lot to say. Things continue on as they have recently, which I'm of two minds about. Life hasn't necessarily gotten better, but it hasn't gotten worse, either.

Some fannish and internet related things, in brief:

- In belated response to "deletegate 07" I will say this: I came to lj because my old roommate, [ profile] disi, had been an extensive user for years. Pretty much the whole dorm had an lj at one point or another, and it was an interesting take on things happening in my immediate area. Then I found a few members of the BtVS fandom online, and have been hooked ever since. It's now many years later and most of the dorm has moved on, but I've stayed for the fandom and will continue to do so. I'll go where fandom goes, though it would be a bitch to move from lj and above all I really do enjoy it. Needless to say I'm glad it all worked out eventually.

- I'm mildly excited for the last Harry Potter book. I should probably reserve a copy, but I just can't be arsed (and it's not like they're gonna run out). My one prediction? Someone is going to lose an eye. Most probably Ron or Neville. Just you wait and see if they don't. I'm a lot more excited about the latest movie's upcoming premiere, and hope to hell they didn't screw up. In my opinion the best of the bunch was PoA, so anything like that or better would be great.

- I've said before that what I most look forward to after new HP stuff is the fanfiction and invariable Lego sets. I have high hopes for the fanfic, but so far Lego has been a profound disappointment. They've only released the castle so far, and it looks just like the first lame one from PS. Hopefully they're just keeping the majority of the series underwraps until the movie's released and haven't ignored the cool stuff. In other words, I want my mini-Veil and Grimmauld Place, and I want them now!

- Mom and I have finally discovered Etsy, and are beside ourselves with joy. I've already picked this up, and am completely smitten with it. I also sucked it up and bought a purse, since my old one was literally falling apart at the seams and this was the only one I even remotely liked anywhere.

Oof. There's more later, but I have to get the monitor to the vet to fix his little "biting problem". I hope this doesn't crush his spirit; PC's are always in the doldrums as it is these days.


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