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This was very close to the view from my back-porch tonight. Apparently, the first of only two lunar eclipses this year occurred tonight, and the last total eclipse until 2010. (And how weird is it to write 2010 as a realistic date? I feel like I should be traveling in bubble cars and wearing a stylishly pastel jogging suit or something. I want my jetpack!)

It really was amazing to witness, and I would have gladly camped out to watch the whole thing if it weren't frigidly cold outside. I made do with periodic checks out the back door and copious amounts of hot coffee, which probably accounts for my jittery typing and loss of creative vocabulary.

As neat as it was, you know what I kept thinking? I have never once read an HP fic dealing with lunar eclipses. I know! This is ripe grounds for plucking, my fic-writing friends! Think about it - the scenarios are nigh-endless. They happen at least twice a year, but the severity of darkness changes.

Can anyone rec me some good eclipse fic? I'm in need of some good Remus-writing anyway, and this idea is slowly taking over my brain.

I witness a lovely scientific event and can think of nothing but fanfic. I fully admit to my geekhood, and embrace all you throw my way. /DORK
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I tell you, there's nothing funnier than watching your single co-workers peace of mind crumble with every couple that walks through the door holding hands, or swaying happily to the "romantic theme music" piping in over the speakers. I quote my (newly single) manager: "Happy Valentine's Day! I'm not bitter! Where's the chocolate? It's not bitter chocolate, is it? 'Cause I'm not bitter!" Really, it's a lot funnier than it sounds. ;)

Happy VDay friends! That sort of sound like an itchy rash in hard to reach places, doesn't it? To celebrate, I'm posting the first part of the Soundtrack of Doom (insert your own exclamation points). There should be three or four parts all total, and I'll update the rest whenever I get them uploaded.

Click the cut below for downloads, liner notes, and lyrics. And leave me a comment if you like it, okay? I spent an insane amount of time on this, even though the cover art sucks.

Amateur Cartography: The Life and Times of Mssr R. J. Lupin )


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