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I know everyone is a little... upset (read: enraged) with livejournal right now, but I think I know something to make you all feel a little better: ICONS! Yes, usable wherever you choose to do so. ;)

Threadless Icons, Set 2.0

Preview: . .

26 icons and their variants, making 58 total. )
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Oh lord, I made icons.

35 black and white PCU icons and their variants, including fifteen quote icons.


- Hotlinking is bad, so please 'save target as'.
- Credit is appreciated.
- Caps came mostly from here.
- Please don't alter any of them, even the blanks. They're simple but I like them as they are, thanks.

All right, deadly Zulu drum protest. Haven't seen one of those since my third sophomore year. )


May. 27th, 2006 11:45 pm
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Hot damn, an icon post! It's been about forever since I posted anything, so I'm coming back in a BIG way: 64 68 icons from the T-shirt designs at Threadless. I encourage everyone to go check them out, maybe do a little shopping.

32 icons and their variants, making 68 total. Whoo cha!

Preview: . .

Cut for mod haircuts, pirates, and talking food. Hell, yeah. )
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I finally, finally finished my Christmas shopping, and the last of the Amazon packages arrived this morning so I am completely finished - just in time for the holidays. Huh-freakin'-zah. Despite evidence to the contrary, I love the hell out of this time of year; I'm just never prepared for it. For example: [ profile] thoughtdreams, [ profile] tequilafest, [ profile] disi, [ profile] notbiddable, [ profile] raelala, and [ profile] grrliz all sent me cards and happiness, and I have nothing to give them in return. (I bareassgnome all of you very much!)

For my flist, because I bareassgnome you, too.

I also made some random Holiday/Christmas icons, including a couple from A Christmas Story, which [ profile] grrliz was kind enough to remind me I love. (I only really like the first one, but what the hell, it's Christmas.) Click the cut and take anything you want. :)

HO HO HO, my lovelies. )
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The Renaissance Festival was very awesome, and much fun was had by all. (I got henna'd by Cap'n Jack Sparrow Pirate Nigel. hee!)

Anyway, ICOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON POST! HUZZAH! 26 Harry Potter with text from everywhere else (and two Thewlis icons from Naked and Gangster No 1). Click the clicky thing below to check em out. Potential HBP spoiler in #17, though it's very vague; I didn't mention any names or anything...


icons here )
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So yeah, I suck at any meme that requires actual commitment or anything. *looks forlornly at the lone Fanfic Author Appreciation entry* Basically, if you write fan fic and you're on my friend's list, it's because you're awesome and I love you.

To make up for my suckiness, I bring you icons! Woot! I've recently acquired my own tiny place on the web, so these are the first things to be uploaded to! There's nothing there yet, but I'm hopeful. (I have to learn code now. Wah!) I'd like to give [ profile] lauranobaka huge heaping handfuls of gratitude and adoration for letting me piggyback on her bandwidth for as long as I did. ::HUGS::

I've always had problems placing text in icons, so it makes sense that I'd eventually make a set comprised of nothing but, thereby ensuring I'd go mad before it was finished. The text-hate is still there, but there's also Good Omens (mostly) text icons, too, so I suppose things even out. You decide whether or not I've gone insane. *twitches*

Preview: 3. 7. 23.

To the icons! )


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