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You know what I've learned after three years of working at the aquarium? Reptiles really love boobs. Mine are especially appealing, apparently, as every time we take an animal out they immediately make a bee line for my lovlies. It's really kind of funny - place an angry, disgruntled 30 pound boa on my chest and within five minutes she's calm and loose as can be. Hmm. That came out a little dirtier than I was intending. Still... ;)

Hello, livejournal! It's month since my last confession. Whoo. Time goes by so quickly these days, doesn't it? In that time nothing new has occurred, but I did get to do a couple cool things:
- Saw Avenue Q live with the girls in Louisville. Nothing but love for the show and the company. If given the opportunity I highly recommend seeing it, as it's twice as funny live than on cd.
- Along that note, I finally rented the Wicked soundtrack from the library, and fell madly in love. Am now seriously considering saving up the insane amount of cash to see it in January.
- Learned one of my best friends from college just bought a house, which makes me feel very old and behind the times. Add this to the number of girls from my hall already married and spawning and the weirdness continues.
- Went to the zoo for the first time in ages, where I fell in love with the hairy sumatran rhinos and the random baby peacock we saw wandering the children's zoo. Also discovered that they now have an overnight program along the same line as the aquarium, which I think I'm going to submit my resume to for a little extra cash. Oh, and I finally fed the birds there! Unfortunately the only ones I could get to land on me were the exact species of birds we have at work - I shouldn't really be surprised by that, should I? One landed quite happily on my derriere as I was trying to coax one of the more exotic parrots over and had no intention of leaving until I paid attention to it, much to the amusement of the people around me.
- Went to see WALL-E and fell madly for the little trash compactor. This movie proves once again what kind of dork I am - right before I'd read an article in National Geographic about animal cognition, where it discussed the key factors in attributing intelligence upon something, and how that relates to human development. WALL-E displayed all of them in the first five minutes of the movie, and I spent the whole time geeking out. I've heard a lot of things about this film, namely about the rather dark (but ultimately hopeful) view of the future (and if we're honest with ourselves, that's pretty much where our society is headed - sad, but true) I'd still urge everybody to go see it.
That's pretty much it, except that I finally uploaded the few good quality pictures from when Duff came to the aquarium, which I've posted below for the curious. I think the episode's gonna air sometime this month, so check your TV Guides. )
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Allow me to interrupt your candy comas (or eclectic* pagan honorifics to The Great Pumpkin, depending on your perspective) to bring you a brief list of...

What Misty Has Been Doing Since Last She Updated... )


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