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So I just wrote this:

It is the nature of the circus to be transitional, a fleeting dream set up and gone again in a day. After so long living like a gypsy, being stationary fit like a bad coat. And as familiar and comfortable as Carver’s winter quarters were, Dean always felt better when he was on the road. He’d spent the beginning of his life in a boxcar, the clickety clack of the railway and his mother’s lilting voice the only lullabies he knew.

With the advent of the highway it was certainly easier to pack everything and go, big trucks and silver bullet campers taking the place of rail cars and steam. Traveling shows like theirs could hit more small towns this way; branching away from the mother roads onto any pavement Bobby was willing to risk the big rigs. Sometimes, when Dean was having trouble sleeping at night, he’d toss the keys to Sam and lean his head against the metal door of their Ford RV and conjure up those train sounds, letting the sway of the road drift him away.

Dean always slept better when they were traveling.

He doesn’t think Sam remembers the trains, and that makes him sad. He knows he doesn’t remember their mother.
And I realized something about my Big Bang universe.

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I've been scrounging the internet for traditional circus acts (WALL OF DEATH, PEOPLE), watched The Greatest Show On Earth, and I'm picking up a library book on the history of the circus in the United States tomorrow at the library. Oh, and I have both a rough outline and a couple paragraphs already written out.

Folks, this AU fic is a-go. Send encouragement and cookies, 'cause this looks to be a long one.
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SPOILERS for 7x11 (hee, that rhymes!) )

Also, I may or may not be doing research on writing a circus-themed SPN AU, with Dean as a knife thrower, Sam as a lion tamer, Crowley as the ringmaster, Bobby the manager, and the angels as popular trapeze artists. God help me.
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So the best friend got me season one of Supernatural for Christmas and we've just now gotten around to watching it. I...may be a little obsessed. And wanting to catch up on fandom but HOLY GOD THERE'S SIX SEASONS OF THIS STUFF and I don't want to be spoiled.

In olden days we'd have knocked out five episodes a night and finish a season in about a week. Now she works early and is fostering her sister's five-month-old baby girl. We're averaging two or three episodes a week. I've gotten my greedy hands on season two but have promised to wait to watch them with her. Thanks to a birthday marathon there are now eight episodes left to watch of season two.

The episodes are getting better and I want more! Dean! Sam! Family issues! Demon plans! WANT!


Does anyone still reading this have recs for season one fic? Or maybe half way through season two fics? I've gotten a couple recs lists but I'm leary of reading too far and getting spoiled for later episodes.


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