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I have a new job.

Wait, let me back up. I started working at the aquarium four years ago this month because I had just graduated college and was feeling very lethargic about job hunting. Every other place I tried wasn't hiring people with my degree and the aquarium is only ten minutes away by car. I'd only planned to stay there until I found a "real" job. Four years later I have been instizootionalized - meaning I should go, I want to go, but I wouldn't survive on the outside. (Like Brookes in Shawshank, only with sharks.)

So now, I have a new job. At the aquarium. *hangs head in shame* But it's a different job, thank god, that pays a smidgen more. I'm an education coordinator now, which is a much more impressive title. Basically I'll be teaching the classes that come through, and working with the summer camp kids in July. It's part time so I'll have to supplement with a little exhibits work, but I'm excited. Yay new job!

On the subject of Ye Olden Job, I worked in admissions today and spent about eight hours outside greeting guests as they came up. Imagine my surprise to find I've gained about four shades of pink on my face, complete with marks from my glasses. I got a sunburn... in April. What the fuck, world? I haven't had a tan in over a year and now I have boiling-lobster-face. (Seriously, my Pale Pasty Whiteness was the stuff of legends.)

I think my nose and cheek are gonna peal - we've reached the shiny tight phase already. *sigh* This does not bode well for tomorrow.
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Is anyone else having problems loading insanejournal? Was there scheduled maintenance today or something?

*sigh* This is what I get for logging on before midnight, I suppose...

ETA: Question answered! Score another one for my magic flist (whom I secretly refer to as my freaky darlings, but don't tell them that). And, as it turns out, this icon is even more appropriate than before. ;)
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Apparently, fifteen minutes of UV exposure is too much for my Pale Pasty Whiteness to handle - I stepped outside on my lunch break this afternoon and came back with a shiny red nose and cheeks. I look like I've got a permanent drunk on.

Speaking of work, I need a different job. One for a company that pays its employees above minimum wage and doesn't exploit them every which way but loose. Enjoyment would be a bonus at this point. I tell you, with the summer crowd coming our way, no one is thrilled to be working at the aquarium. No one I've talked to, anyway.

...Well, except maybe this guy, but he's one of the mythical Heads of Husbandry and doesn't count.


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