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Happy January 1, everybody!

For New Year's I...did pretty much nothing, as I am low with some sort of throat thing. It's not the debilitating wish-the-world-would-swallow-me-whole thing like strep is, but it's kept me out of work the past three days. My voice has been hoarse the whole week, and I showed up on Thursday barely able to squeak "hello" to my supervisors. It was quite comical. They were both complaining how they didn't want to get sick this holiday and when I spoke their eyes got huge and immediately sent me home with orders to not speak the rest of the day. It got worse before it got better, and now I can talk (mostly) audibly for about ten minutes on end. That said, I spent tonight hanging out with mom (who has a bit of a cold), watching Ace of Cakes, and playing my new Guitar Hero, which is every bit as addicting as its reputation proclaims.

Not only did I get Guitar Hero, several cd's and dvd's from my mom, and more clothes that won't fit me, but I also got this from my dad... )

So Christmas was fun this year, if a little different. We usually spend Christmas Day and New Year's with Grandma Laake but she was just released from the hospital after a quadruple bypass (it was scary and unexpected, but she's doing fine and on the road to recovery, so we're all okay now) so that was a no go. In fact, I got sick the day after I visited her at the hospital. Hmm. Let this be a lesson to you, children: always where a coat in the rain, regardless of the unseasonably warm weather on Christmas Day.

2007. Man, that seems like a lot, doesn't it? I've been out of high school for seven years, and college for two. This past year we've had car accidents, heart surgeries, graduations, a new bathroom, our first family trip in years, and all manner of odds and ends that make one shake her head. Still, we're all alive, happy, and (mostly) healthy.

It's been a good year. :)


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