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Instead of actually editing my story I have been obsessively refreshing my friend's page for the past half hour.

This bigbang claiming needs to happen soon.




*refreshes again*
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Just signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang again. And I just realized the draft I've been working on since this past summer doesn't have a proper ending.

headdesk MISCThis little bunny is me, you guys have no idea.
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Just posted the SS/RL soundtrack that's been eating my life for the past week over at [ profile] lupin_snape, both lj and ij versions.

There were 33 tracks uploaded. I'm on dial-up.

*falls over*

Oh, yeah, and Duff Goldman came to the aquarium. And I saw a bunch of cool stuff. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, though; right now my brain is floating somewhere near the ceiling.
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Guess who fell on her way to work today? That's right, that would be me. You've been paying attention to the plot, haven't you? The freakin' hour it was snowing outside this morning and I happened to be out in it. Damn you and your never closing Aquarium! Seriously, who wants to go check out fish in weather like this? And drag their three year old along with them?

Our front steps are slate. Old slate, so they tend to tilt a little in the middle. If your not careful, one icy step and whoosh your butt is kissing concrete. I'm actually a little surprised I didn't hurt myself worse - as it is I spent all morning at work with completely soaked pants and unable to bend at any type of angle. And the worst part is having to tell people why you're lamenting the lack of appropriate seat cushions.

Me: I think I bruised my coccyx.
Coworker: Your what?
Me: ...My assbone.
Coworker: Oh. Good. 'Cause for a second there I was worried.

On a side note, I'd really like the writer's strike to be over so that I can have more Pushing Daisies. Don't get me wrong, I support their cause and wish them the best, but damn it, I need my pie. And corpses. See Neville in my icon? That's me with pie. ...And corpses.

*clutches her bum pathetically off-screen*
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Am ill. Again.

Damn it. I had plans for this weekend.

It's worse than last time, but that didn't stop me from still having to work a full eight hours, oh no. Bastards, with their crappy lack of proper scheduling and all.

*wheezes all over everybody*


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