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HOLY SHIT. My bigbang has been claimed by an artist. And that artist? I... I...


I am seriously shaking you guys. Like, my hands are all jittery. I may just cry a little bit here.


OMG this final draft needs to be awesome. No pressure. No pressure. No pressure.
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DUDE. Remember how excited I got when I thought Mike Rowe was coming to the aquarium?

This is so much better than that.

Sweat Pea our shark ray is celebrating her third anniversary with us, and there's a big hullabaloo birthday thing going on all month. Hannah Montanna look-a-like contests, High School the Musical karaoke, special sing-a-longs in the diveshows, stuff like that. As my aquarium anniversary coincides with her arrival into the big tank (and my birthday also falls within this month) I tend to take it all in stride and allow myself a little yay me moment whenever we celebrate her stuff. This year is most likely going to be overly annoying...with one exception. Itinerary for the 19th:
See the amazing, giant, four-foot long Sweet Pea cake specially prepared by Ace of Cakes. Plus, Chef Duff Goldman – star of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network – will be at the Aquarium to present the cake. Final details and times to come.
Chef Duff. Is coming. To my job. And he's bringing a cake in the shape of a shark ray.


Oh, hell yeah! I am so there. The best part is? I don't think the rest of the staff knows about that part yet. So, if I play my cards right and pimp myself out to work some of the less appealing jobs these next few weeks, I may be able to get in to meet him. *crosses fingers and bounces a lot*
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Holy god but does this look wicked awesome! Color me officially excited for the sequel. All my favorites are back, and Heath Ledger as the Joker? Can have my freaky deformed babies any time. Er. Strike that. Reverse it. And according to imdb, Harvey Dent makes an appearance.

*squees in geekish joy*

And in other news? I love IcyHot. Through its judicious application and plenty of ibuprofen I'm slightly more human today than yesterday. In fact, I was loose enough to do a little dance in my chair when this song came on. Of course, when I get out of the chair it's going to be another story altogether...
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First Impressions upon finishing Deathly Hallows at 2:50 in the morning on a Tuesday... )

Though I have many HP icons available, I offer you Anya and the freaked out bunny book in absence of potential spoilers. Plus, it fits doesn't it? :)
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Today has been... well, really rather terrific. My grandmother went back into the hospital yesterday because the infection was back and they had to remove her old pacemaker, give her an external one, and continue fighting the Scary Rare Bacterial Infection of Doom with antibiotics. I had to go to work where there is no cell phone reception and I had no idea how the surgery was going, but somehow managed to get all the random and fun jobs as well as managing to leave a little early.

Good news arrived in a text message from mom: Grandma's absolutely fine and the doctors are very pleased with fer progress. The whole thing was treated as outpatient surgery and lasted all of an hour; she was back in her old hospital room by noon. To which I say: WHOO CHA!

To celebrate I treated myself to an orange mocha frappuccino at the Barnes and Noble/Starbucks next door...where at five-thirty there was already a short line of people (mostly my age) loitering in the comfy chairs and waiting for Deathly Hallows. (One of them was in costume - Hogwarts robes with a neon green wig for some reason.) They were talking about their mental image of Ginny Weasley when I walked past, and I shared a sort of "hail fandom" smile with the girl at the back of the line.

From there I ran as fast as my little feet could carry me to dad's birthday party, which I would have missed if not for the whole leaving work early thing. Fun was had by all for a change, and despite not talking for about two weeks dad and I are still on good terms.

So. HP should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow morning, I'm meeting the girls (and nathan - an honorary girl if ever there was one) tomorrow night for a card party of awesomeness and Mallory's birthday party, grandma's getting better, and Dad and I are getting along.

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OMG I wrasseled an alligator today! And I still have all my fingers! *wiggles them alluringly in your FACE* (Do any of you know how to grab an alligator? Show of hands? Anyone?) I've done it before, but only once or twice and not for about six months. The encounter animals have gotten bigger in that time, so it was like handling an entirely different animal. And he was pissed about it, too, all tense and grumpy.

I also learned how to properly bag a red tailed boa, and how to handle a sand boa (TINY AND AWESOME), a bearded dragon (PRICKLY AND AWESOME) and a leopard gecko (AWESOME SQUARED) as per our new AZA guidelines. I'm also cleared to take out the tarantulas, scorpions, and white's tree frogs, too, though I think I'll give a pass on all but the latter. ;)
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I finally, finally, finally got a new bed as an early birthday present. Hallelujah forever amen, man. Let's put it this way: my previous mattress and box-springs were older than I am, there were permanent indents in the mattress from my elbows and hip in my favorite reading position, and the loose springs were tearing holes in my pants. Remember that scene in Dead Like Me where George pisses off the gravelings and they damn near impale her head on the mattress spring? Kind of like that.

I upgraded from a twin to a full and omg is this thing freakin' huge. We're talking a full foot higher than the old one - I have to do a little scoot to get on and my feet dangle over the edge. It puts my eyes at the same level of the window and my dresser, which is fine except now my clock is even further away from my head.

While I don't have a headboard yet, I do have brand new sheets and this most awesome comforter set. The pattern is so much prettier than you can see in the picture, and the colors a little more subtle.

And yes, I've been late for work the past two days because I overslept. Is my bed a black hole of ennui or are the sleep demons finally catching up to me? The world will never know.

*dives back into the fluffy goodness*
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Happy January 1, everybody!

For New Year's I...did pretty much nothing, as I am low with some sort of throat thing. It's not the debilitating wish-the-world-would-swallow-me-whole thing like strep is, but it's kept me out of work the past three days. My voice has been hoarse the whole week, and I showed up on Thursday barely able to squeak "hello" to my supervisors. It was quite comical. They were both complaining how they didn't want to get sick this holiday and when I spoke their eyes got huge and immediately sent me home with orders to not speak the rest of the day. It got worse before it got better, and now I can talk (mostly) audibly for about ten minutes on end. That said, I spent tonight hanging out with mom (who has a bit of a cold), watching Ace of Cakes, and playing my new Guitar Hero, which is every bit as addicting as its reputation proclaims.

Not only did I get Guitar Hero, several cd's and dvd's from my mom, and more clothes that won't fit me, but I also got this from my dad... )

So Christmas was fun this year, if a little different. We usually spend Christmas Day and New Year's with Grandma Laake but she was just released from the hospital after a quadruple bypass (it was scary and unexpected, but she's doing fine and on the road to recovery, so we're all okay now) so that was a no go. In fact, I got sick the day after I visited her at the hospital. Hmm. Let this be a lesson to you, children: always where a coat in the rain, regardless of the unseasonably warm weather on Christmas Day.

2007. Man, that seems like a lot, doesn't it? I've been out of high school for seven years, and college for two. This past year we've had car accidents, heart surgeries, graduations, a new bathroom, our first family trip in years, and all manner of odds and ends that make one shake her head. Still, we're all alive, happy, and (mostly) healthy.

It's been a good year. :)
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So. Penguins. )

Afterward I worked at Theater briefly and went to a hour-long presentation on sexual harassment in the workplace. Then I took my break, went to Shark Central for about an hour, then cleaned the glass on the front of the tanks and went home. All told I did about two and a half hours of real work in an eight hour shift.

Best. Workday. Ever.

eta: my brain is too british by far. "theater" looks so wrong. i keep wanting to make it "theatre".
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Our penguins are painters, did you know that? Apparently one fancies himself a Picasso. )


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