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Upon occasion the aquarium whores itself out rents its space overnight, allowing larger groups to sleep over. Our staff stays over, too: we give them activities and things to keep the kidlets occupied, though after midnight it's all up to the chaperons to keep everyone asleep and in line.

The one overnight I did was pretty fun, because of the people I was working with and all the girl scouts that were running around everywhere. Apparently the last one was a nightmare, though, with one chaperon for every twenty kids. The thirteen-year-olds raised holy hell all night long with the chaperons laying idly by, and then one of them has the gall to complain to my supervisor that we didn't manage the children very well. Which resulted in a big ol' hell no from said supervisor - apparently the were behaving so badly she had to threaten to toss the kids out of the aquarium at four o'clock in the morning (whether their parents were with them or not) if they didn't settle down.

Anyway. They've all promised that tomorrow's overnight will be ten times easier; as there's more chaperons, the age group's a little more forgiving, and there are plenty of staff on duty. Herein lies the rub:

- I'm scheduled to work at 10:15 the next morning, and come in early for six days after that.
- It's the first time this particular supervisor has been in charge of an overnight.
- It's a large group of cubscouts, with den fathers and what not. (Is that the proper term, den father?)
- The overnight crew for this particular adventure are all boys that have a tremendous love of fart jokes and have all bonded in a manly fashion. They're the funny guys, you know?

... and the kicker ...

- Out of the eighty or so people inside the aquarium tomorrow night, I am going to be the only one without a Y chromosome.

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Oh, lord. I had the flub of all flubs today at work, though in my defense it was at the end of a very long day.

A little girl was asking to pet the penguins, like she was touching the sharks. It took a good five minutes to convince her that not only was she not allowed, it would also bother the penguins. I said they'd try to bite her because they didn't understand that she didn't want to hurt them or their babies. "But," I said, "their peckers aren't that hard so they probably won't..."

Cue awkward silence.

Grimacing, I glanced around, and found to my mingled horror and delight that there were mostly kids around me who didn't get the reference. I honestly couldn't look the parents in the eye, because I was trying very hard not to laugh my ass off. (Toilet humor it may be, but it's hilarious toilet humor.)

I accidentally made eye contact with the admissions girl across the exhibit hanging Christmas lights, who immediately died of laughter and dropped her load of twinkle lights.

I don't think I've blushed like that since I was a freshman in college. It's good to thoroughly embarrass yourself every once in awhile. ;)
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I swear, what is it about my physiology that makes me hit my stride at two o'clock in the morning? It's always been like that, even when I was a little girl. Well, maybe not when I was really little, as my parents set a strict bedtime for me, though I distinctly remember being more awake before I went to sleep than at any other time. Because of this I've learned to function reasonably well with about two hours sleep and a nap at some point in the afternoon, as those in my college dorm can attest to. (There was this weird couple of days where I had deadline after deadline and I didn't sleep for about a day and a half - I wound up curling into a ball on the busiest lobby couch ever, and crashing for an hour or so.)

I met up with the girls (yay!) for dinner at around eight tonight, and we stumbled to Starbucks until about midnight. They were obviously getting sleepy and a little slap-happy, whereas I was full of pep and ready to go. I'll probably be awake until at least six, and then meet up with the girls around ten for breakfast at First Watch. I am so nocturnal it's creepy.

...Yeah. There was no real point to this post other to say that I miss my girls when they aren't here and to point out how appropriate this icon continues to be and how much I adore [ profile] innerpoise for letting me use it.
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I have a boyfriend. Officially. He gets jealous when I spend time with the other boys and is constantly starting fights to uphold my honor. He does see other women behind my back (which is something we've talked about and I approve of) though the minute he sees me he wants nothing to do with them, following me wherever I go - but only in the most adorable stalkery way. I've gotten quite used to him swinging by out of nowhere, hovering around my shoulder and frightening whoever I'm talking to at the moment while giving the other couples the ol' Stinkeye. He has no problem with PDA, though sometimes the biting gets a little rougher than I normally enjoy. He's very terse in public and can't stand strangers, but will whisper sweet nothings in my ear when no one's looking. He's a romantic at heart, really.

His name is Olliver, and he looks just like this only less adorable and much more scowley.

My hands are chewed to pieces, but mostly by the smaller lorikeets. Ollie licks them to make me feel better. Which is strange beyond compare and somewhat freaky. *sigh* What does it tell you about my life when one of my closest male companions is twelve inches tall and yellow?

PS - We have an owl off-display at the aquarium named Mad Eye Moody. He's got one eye that's always hugely dilated, and a wing that was broken and healed incorrectly long before we got him. He tends to sit in his cage under a burlap sack and shriek all night. The husbandry staff use him as a teaching encounter animal for kids. Every time I see him I want to yell "CONSTANT VIGILANCE! HOOT, BITCHES!" which is hard to explain to any random mothers strolling through the aviary.


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