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I have a new job.

Wait, let me back up. I started working at the aquarium four years ago this month because I had just graduated college and was feeling very lethargic about job hunting. Every other place I tried wasn't hiring people with my degree and the aquarium is only ten minutes away by car. I'd only planned to stay there until I found a "real" job. Four years later I have been instizootionalized - meaning I should go, I want to go, but I wouldn't survive on the outside. (Like Brookes in Shawshank, only with sharks.)

So now, I have a new job. At the aquarium. *hangs head in shame* But it's a different job, thank god, that pays a smidgen more. I'm an education coordinator now, which is a much more impressive title. Basically I'll be teaching the classes that come through, and working with the summer camp kids in July. It's part time so I'll have to supplement with a little exhibits work, but I'm excited. Yay new job!

On the subject of Ye Olden Job, I worked in admissions today and spent about eight hours outside greeting guests as they came up. Imagine my surprise to find I've gained about four shades of pink on my face, complete with marks from my glasses. I got a sunburn... in April. What the fuck, world? I haven't had a tan in over a year and now I have boiling-lobster-face. (Seriously, my Pale Pasty Whiteness was the stuff of legends.)

I think my nose and cheek are gonna peal - we've reached the shiny tight phase already. *sigh* This does not bode well for tomorrow.
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You know what I've learned after three years of working at the aquarium? Reptiles really love boobs. Mine are especially appealing, apparently, as every time we take an animal out they immediately make a bee line for my lovlies. It's really kind of funny - place an angry, disgruntled 30 pound boa on my chest and within five minutes she's calm and loose as can be. Hmm. That came out a little dirtier than I was intending. Still... ;)

Hello, livejournal! It's month since my last confession. Whoo. Time goes by so quickly these days, doesn't it? In that time nothing new has occurred, but I did get to do a couple cool things:
- Saw Avenue Q live with the girls in Louisville. Nothing but love for the show and the company. If given the opportunity I highly recommend seeing it, as it's twice as funny live than on cd.
- Along that note, I finally rented the Wicked soundtrack from the library, and fell madly in love. Am now seriously considering saving up the insane amount of cash to see it in January.
- Learned one of my best friends from college just bought a house, which makes me feel very old and behind the times. Add this to the number of girls from my hall already married and spawning and the weirdness continues.
- Went to the zoo for the first time in ages, where I fell in love with the hairy sumatran rhinos and the random baby peacock we saw wandering the children's zoo. Also discovered that they now have an overnight program along the same line as the aquarium, which I think I'm going to submit my resume to for a little extra cash. Oh, and I finally fed the birds there! Unfortunately the only ones I could get to land on me were the exact species of birds we have at work - I shouldn't really be surprised by that, should I? One landed quite happily on my derriere as I was trying to coax one of the more exotic parrots over and had no intention of leaving until I paid attention to it, much to the amusement of the people around me.
- Went to see WALL-E and fell madly for the little trash compactor. This movie proves once again what kind of dork I am - right before I'd read an article in National Geographic about animal cognition, where it discussed the key factors in attributing intelligence upon something, and how that relates to human development. WALL-E displayed all of them in the first five minutes of the movie, and I spent the whole time geeking out. I've heard a lot of things about this film, namely about the rather dark (but ultimately hopeful) view of the future (and if we're honest with ourselves, that's pretty much where our society is headed - sad, but true) I'd still urge everybody to go see it.
That's pretty much it, except that I finally uploaded the few good quality pictures from when Duff came to the aquarium, which I've posted below for the curious. I think the episode's gonna air sometime this month, so check your TV Guides. )
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Let's all take a moment and enjoy the fact that South Park aired their internet episode the day insanejournal kicked back online. This is one of those moments where pop culture hits a little too close for comfort, and all you can do is shake your head and take it with a smile.

Today was my third year anniversary at the aquarium and I had my yearly evaluation. My supervisor (whom I'm more or less friends with) spent most of the time talking about what a good job I was doing. I'm never sure how to take these things - I mean, how do you respond to someone flattering you for a half-hour straight? I get flustered, nod, and say thank you. I feel like if I talk about stuff like that, or about the Rose Award I was nominated for, I'm holding it over my co-workers heads or something. Am I making sense?

Anyway, I got a shiny new three year pin to put on my nametag and a fifty-cent raise, which is twice the standard. I remember chatting with one of the ladies at work the other day and she commented on the fact that she didn't get a raise this year, which, in hindsight, means I got hers. It kinda makes me wanna do the nyah nyah do your work dance, but that would be rude. ;)

All this praise is coming at the wrong time, though. I'm kind of conflicted, as I can't really afford to keep working at the aquarium. This isn't how I intended to spend my life, either, but I feel a little stuck now. I like it, I do, but I know I'm gonna burn out if I have to take another summer of this crap (which is perhaps why the management is buttering me up now). There's a supervisor position open that pays more, but I really just don't want that job, you know? It'd be a challenge, and something different, but it's taking away the interaction between the guests and animals, which is what I enjoy most now.

I don't know. *is one big ol' ball of confused*

On the plus side, this month is looking to be kickass. Major raise at work, Cats at NKU, Avenue Q with the girls, Duff Goldman coming to the aquarium, my birthday... good times.
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DUDE. Remember how excited I got when I thought Mike Rowe was coming to the aquarium?

This is so much better than that.

Sweat Pea our shark ray is celebrating her third anniversary with us, and there's a big hullabaloo birthday thing going on all month. Hannah Montanna look-a-like contests, High School the Musical karaoke, special sing-a-longs in the diveshows, stuff like that. As my aquarium anniversary coincides with her arrival into the big tank (and my birthday also falls within this month) I tend to take it all in stride and allow myself a little yay me moment whenever we celebrate her stuff. This year is most likely going to be overly annoying...with one exception. Itinerary for the 19th:
See the amazing, giant, four-foot long Sweet Pea cake specially prepared by Ace of Cakes. Plus, Chef Duff Goldman – star of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network – will be at the Aquarium to present the cake. Final details and times to come.
Chef Duff. Is coming. To my job. And he's bringing a cake in the shape of a shark ray.


Oh, hell yeah! I am so there. The best part is? I don't think the rest of the staff knows about that part yet. So, if I play my cards right and pimp myself out to work some of the less appealing jobs these next few weeks, I may be able to get in to meet him. *crosses fingers and bounces a lot*
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Guess who fell on her way to work today? That's right, that would be me. You've been paying attention to the plot, haven't you? The freakin' hour it was snowing outside this morning and I happened to be out in it. Damn you and your never closing Aquarium! Seriously, who wants to go check out fish in weather like this? And drag their three year old along with them?

Our front steps are slate. Old slate, so they tend to tilt a little in the middle. If your not careful, one icy step and whoosh your butt is kissing concrete. I'm actually a little surprised I didn't hurt myself worse - as it is I spent all morning at work with completely soaked pants and unable to bend at any type of angle. And the worst part is having to tell people why you're lamenting the lack of appropriate seat cushions.

Me: I think I bruised my coccyx.
Coworker: Your what?
Me: ...My assbone.
Coworker: Oh. Good. 'Cause for a second there I was worried.

On a side note, I'd really like the writer's strike to be over so that I can have more Pushing Daisies. Don't get me wrong, I support their cause and wish them the best, but damn it, I need my pie. And corpses. See Neville in my icon? That's me with pie. ...And corpses.

*clutches her bum pathetically off-screen*
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A guy came through the aquarium today that looked just like Billy Boyd. I only know it wasn't because he was a solid six feet tall and had a very flat American accent. Like, if you put Billy Boyd on the rack for a very long time, gave him amnesia, dropped him the middle of Ohio and plopped a small energetic child into his lap and you'd have this guy.

He was wearing a nice scarf and a turtleneck. I couldn't stop staring. Seriously, it was odd. I kept wanting him to sing or say "splinter" like in the behind the scenes oh god I'm horrible.

*wanders back into the darkness of the internet*
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Allow me to interrupt your candy comas (or eclectic* pagan honorifics to The Great Pumpkin, depending on your perspective) to bring you a brief list of...

What Misty Has Been Doing Since Last She Updated... )
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During our morning meeting at work:
Supervisor: Oh, and they're filming again in shark tunnel and backup so try to stay out of there for a couple hours.
Staff: *yawns*
Supervisor: Something for tv, some kind of Dirty Jobs--
Every Woman In The Breakroom: MIKE ROWE IS HERE? Omg where? How's my hair?
Supervisor: *alarmed now* What? Oh, no, it's the people from Channel 5. They're doing a segment about local dirty jobs.
The Girls: Wha? No Mike Rowe? *wibble face*
Me: Damn! We were so close!
Supervisor: Who's Mike Rowe now?
It's become something of a mission for me to get Dirty Jobs to come to the aquarium, though I have to admit a certain disturbance about how many of the staff thinks he's hot. We're running out of things that he hasn't done yet, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. (I wanna see him feed the shark rays so bad, and the otter biologists would be thrilled for him to come by.) We keep getting the runaround for for permission to submit any videos, though, which sucks major ass.

But... we shall prevail! Hopefully. ;)

Also, hi.
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OMG I wrasseled an alligator today! And I still have all my fingers! *wiggles them alluringly in your FACE* (Do any of you know how to grab an alligator? Show of hands? Anyone?) I've done it before, but only once or twice and not for about six months. The encounter animals have gotten bigger in that time, so it was like handling an entirely different animal. And he was pissed about it, too, all tense and grumpy.

I also learned how to properly bag a red tailed boa, and how to handle a sand boa (TINY AND AWESOME), a bearded dragon (PRICKLY AND AWESOME) and a leopard gecko (AWESOME SQUARED) as per our new AZA guidelines. I'm also cleared to take out the tarantulas, scorpions, and white's tree frogs, too, though I think I'll give a pass on all but the latter. ;)
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Today I oh so casually mentioned to my manager that I've been working at the aquarium now for two years, and that because I had originally worked in another department and later switched to exhibits I was still making the same amount as when I began - ie: diddly. She informed me that she actually had my yearly evaluation sitting on her desk that very minute, and had just finished discussing my "outstanding" job performance with her boss. Apparently, said boss was appalled by the fact that I was making the same amount as a certain Not To Be Named Person in other departments (my bosses spend their free time strategically placing McDonald's applications where she's sure to see them, hoping she'll take the hint) and set about fixing it right away.

Apparently, barring some unforeseen smack-down by the human resources lady, I'm set for a fifty cent raise and a possible "bonus" from my bosses Drawer of Magical and Random Freebies, which has divulged free hotel stays and restaurant passes in the past.

To which I say: Huzzah. It's about freaking time.

I'm still making diddly...but now I'm making diddly squat, too.
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Apparently, fifteen minutes of UV exposure is too much for my Pale Pasty Whiteness to handle - I stepped outside on my lunch break this afternoon and came back with a shiny red nose and cheeks. I look like I've got a permanent drunk on.

Speaking of work, I need a different job. One for a company that pays its employees above minimum wage and doesn't exploit them every which way but loose. Enjoyment would be a bonus at this point. I tell you, with the summer crowd coming our way, no one is thrilled to be working at the aquarium. No one I've talked to, anyway.

...Well, except maybe this guy, but he's one of the mythical Heads of Husbandry and doesn't count.
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Upon occasion the aquarium whores itself out rents its space overnight, allowing larger groups to sleep over. Our staff stays over, too: we give them activities and things to keep the kidlets occupied, though after midnight it's all up to the chaperons to keep everyone asleep and in line.

The one overnight I did was pretty fun, because of the people I was working with and all the girl scouts that were running around everywhere. Apparently the last one was a nightmare, though, with one chaperon for every twenty kids. The thirteen-year-olds raised holy hell all night long with the chaperons laying idly by, and then one of them has the gall to complain to my supervisor that we didn't manage the children very well. Which resulted in a big ol' hell no from said supervisor - apparently the were behaving so badly she had to threaten to toss the kids out of the aquarium at four o'clock in the morning (whether their parents were with them or not) if they didn't settle down.

Anyway. They've all promised that tomorrow's overnight will be ten times easier; as there's more chaperons, the age group's a little more forgiving, and there are plenty of staff on duty. Herein lies the rub:

- I'm scheduled to work at 10:15 the next morning, and come in early for six days after that.
- It's the first time this particular supervisor has been in charge of an overnight.
- It's a large group of cubscouts, with den fathers and what not. (Is that the proper term, den father?)
- The overnight crew for this particular adventure are all boys that have a tremendous love of fart jokes and have all bonded in a manly fashion. They're the funny guys, you know?

... and the kicker ...

- Out of the eighty or so people inside the aquarium tomorrow night, I am going to be the only one without a Y chromosome.

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James and the Giant Peach playing on Cartoon Network the same time Alton Brown rambles for a half hour on juicy peachy goodness: karmic fate, or the universe suggesting none too quietly I give up this whole whatever thing and go live on a peach farm outside of Lubbock?

I'm gonna go with karmic koolness, since I don't even like peaches. Well, except for Nicholas Cage saying "I could eat a peach for hours" in Face/Off. That was kinda fun. ;)

I didn't get the husbandry job, but I was mostly expecting the letdown so it wasn't that big a deal. On the plus side, it was one of the nicest rejection letters I've ever read. )

The best friend wants to go see "Ghostrider" but I have reservations. Yay or nay, my flist?
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So I had a job interview today. )
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Oh, lord. I had the flub of all flubs today at work, though in my defense it was at the end of a very long day.

A little girl was asking to pet the penguins, like she was touching the sharks. It took a good five minutes to convince her that not only was she not allowed, it would also bother the penguins. I said they'd try to bite her because they didn't understand that she didn't want to hurt them or their babies. "But," I said, "their peckers aren't that hard so they probably won't..."

Cue awkward silence.

Grimacing, I glanced around, and found to my mingled horror and delight that there were mostly kids around me who didn't get the reference. I honestly couldn't look the parents in the eye, because I was trying very hard not to laugh my ass off. (Toilet humor it may be, but it's hilarious toilet humor.)

I accidentally made eye contact with the admissions girl across the exhibit hanging Christmas lights, who immediately died of laughter and dropped her load of twinkle lights.

I don't think I've blushed like that since I was a freshman in college. It's good to thoroughly embarrass yourself every once in awhile. ;)
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Oh, I am so ready for it to be this weekend. I miss my girls.

And I requested Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off awhile ago because I wasn't sure what days we'd be meeting. Through some bizarre and advantageous scheduling mishap I don't have to be back in the fish shirt until next Thursday. Couple this with my vacation time next week (mom, grandma, and I are all going to Niagra Falls on a bus, did I mention?) and I'm looking at about seven days of work in three weeks.

... I am so happy right now.

*breaks out the comfy clothes and chocolate*

*ignores crying bank account*
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Guess who finally has a digital camera? That's right, baby! Whoo!

*takes pictures of my mom, dog, left nostril, etc*

Quick, someone tell me something to take and post a picture of, so I can figure out how this thing works. 'Cause the nostril pic was rather disgusting. What was that old ass meme? Tell me to take a picture of anything and I'll do it. Or something like that... (*imagines all the bad porn places that statement could lead to*)

Oh, and they want me to be a pirate at work. )

Coincidence, or plan of attack? Hmmm... )
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Newport Aquarium offers kids pirate-speak lessons on 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' September 19.

Um...okay. I'll go first. *ahem*


*sigh* Where's Johnny Depp when I need him?

Seriously, this is either going to be awesome or the worst idea ever. *stocks up on rum and dirt, just in case*
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So. Penguins. )

Afterward I worked at Theater briefly and went to a hour-long presentation on sexual harassment in the workplace. Then I took my break, went to Shark Central for about an hour, then cleaned the glass on the front of the tanks and went home. All told I did about two and a half hours of real work in an eight hour shift.

Best. Workday. Ever.

eta: my brain is too british by far. "theater" looks so wrong. i keep wanting to make it "theatre".
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Our penguins are painters, did you know that? Apparently one fancies himself a Picasso. )


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