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James and the Giant Peach playing on Cartoon Network the same time Alton Brown rambles for a half hour on juicy peachy goodness: karmic fate, or the universe suggesting none too quietly I give up this whole whatever thing and go live on a peach farm outside of Lubbock?

I'm gonna go with karmic koolness, since I don't even like peaches. Well, except for Nicholas Cage saying "I could eat a peach for hours" in Face/Off. That was kinda fun. ;)

I didn't get the husbandry job, but I was mostly expecting the letdown so it wasn't that big a deal. On the plus side, it was one of the nicest rejection letters I've ever read. )

The best friend wants to go see "Ghostrider" but I have reservations. Yay or nay, my flist?
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Well, today sucked. )
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So, I once again have full confirmation that karma is alive and well in my life. )

I'll respond to comments soon, but I just want to let everyone know that I appreciate everyone who's been thinking good things for us the past couple days. We'll be okay - it's just gonna take awhile to get back on our feet. *hugs my entire flist*
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Stiff. Sore. Bruise on my boob the size of a regulation hardball. The doctors did not lie. owie.

Mom's not doing much better. She's still in the hospital because they couldn't identify what was making her spinal column cloudy in the x-rays, though they're pretty sure it's nothing serious. She was having panic attacks last night, and is in a lot of pain still (and will be for awhile).

Things I forgot to mention yesterday, or have only put together today. )

In other news, the deleted scenes on the GOF special addition are awesome, and I absolutely love Snape cockblocking all the snogging students, and Karkarov following behind him like a puppy trying to nip his ankles.
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Why Car Accidents Suck Ass. As told by Misty, age 23. )

PS - this entry may, or may not make any sense


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