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This is one of the most beautiful vaguely Potter-esque designs I've ever seen. It's a big ring (1.5" wingspan) and I don't often wear large jewelry - or any jewelry at all, really - but I would wear this.

Dammit, why does all the pretty stuff have to be expensive?

*grumbles a bit, goes back to internet limbo*
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This was very close to the view from my back-porch tonight. Apparently, the first of only two lunar eclipses this year occurred tonight, and the last total eclipse until 2010. (And how weird is it to write 2010 as a realistic date? I feel like I should be traveling in bubble cars and wearing a stylishly pastel jogging suit or something. I want my jetpack!)

It really was amazing to witness, and I would have gladly camped out to watch the whole thing if it weren't frigidly cold outside. I made do with periodic checks out the back door and copious amounts of hot coffee, which probably accounts for my jittery typing and loss of creative vocabulary.

As neat as it was, you know what I kept thinking? I have never once read an HP fic dealing with lunar eclipses. I know! This is ripe grounds for plucking, my fic-writing friends! Think about it - the scenarios are nigh-endless. They happen at least twice a year, but the severity of darkness changes.

Can anyone rec me some good eclipse fic? I'm in need of some good Remus-writing anyway, and this idea is slowly taking over my brain.

I witness a lovely scientific event and can think of nothing but fanfic. I fully admit to my geekhood, and embrace all you throw my way. /DORK
Okay, I have never once perved on any of the younger HP cast, and that was something I was fully intending to maintain. I mean, they're bitty for god's sake. The bathroom scene in GoF made me feel really dirty. But. I...

[ profile] circe_tigana linked to this picture and it's got me doing math in my head. How much younger than me is this guy again?*

Good lord. Seriously. I mean. *gah* Whew. I don't care what they do with DH as long as this guy shows up with some sexy wounds, strategic dirt, and a sword and I'll be one happy fangirl.

*Answer: Seven years. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't get over how tall he was in OotP. Damn it!
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First Impressions upon finishing Deathly Hallows at 2:50 in the morning on a Tuesday... )

Though I have many HP icons available, I offer you Anya and the freaked out bunny book in absence of potential spoilers. Plus, it fits doesn't it? :)
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For the record, here's my one prediction for book 7, completely unspoiled and just a bit rambly, so it's behind a cut. It's about Snape. And Voldemort. And stuff. )
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No, no, no, no, no, I am not getting sick. Stop it, throat. Stop it! Who the hell gets sick in JULY for crying out loud? I hope it's just allergies, though it feels a hell of a lot like a cold. To which I say, NAY!

Anyway. Finally saw Order of the Phoenix today.

Forgive me for overuse of the word 'awesome' and random thoughts in no particular order, would you please? It's been a long day. )

All in all not the worst of the lot, but certainly not the best either. (PoA continues to reign supreme!) I give it about a B, maybe a B-. The book was better. Well, parts of the book were.


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