Okay, I have never once perved on any of the younger HP cast, and that was something I was fully intending to maintain. I mean, they're bitty for god's sake. The bathroom scene in GoF made me feel really dirty. But. I...

[ profile] circe_tigana linked to this picture and it's got me doing math in my head. How much younger than me is this guy again?*

Good lord. Seriously. I mean. *gah* Whew. I don't care what they do with DH as long as this guy shows up with some sexy wounds, strategic dirt, and a sword and I'll be one happy fangirl.

*Answer: Seven years. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't get over how tall he was in OotP. Damn it!
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A guy came through the aquarium today that looked just like Billy Boyd. I only know it wasn't because he was a solid six feet tall and had a very flat American accent. Like, if you put Billy Boyd on the rack for a very long time, gave him amnesia, dropped him the middle of Ohio and plopped a small energetic child into his lap and you'd have this guy.

He was wearing a nice scarf and a turtleneck. I couldn't stop staring. Seriously, it was odd. I kept wanting him to sing or say "splinter" like in the behind the scenes oh god I'm horrible.

*wanders back into the darkness of the internet*
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I don't normally post these sort of things, but I tried it on a lark and the answers were so appropriate it was a little freaky. Not anywhere near [ profile] musesfool's psychic iPod, but close. So I give you the results of The Soundtrack of My Life Meme, seen everywhere but most recently at [ profile] kyasuriin's journal.

Out of over 1300 songs... )
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The world's most random thought: What must it have been like to be John Wayne's stunt double?

My mom's become obsessed with Karlo's italian food. I had gnocchi for the first time tonight - you guys never told me it was so heavy. Good, but heavy. And I've discovered that I rather enjoy artichokes, but despise asparagus.


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