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Okay, so I’m from the Buffy fandom of old, so I know how being jossed feels. I’ve been working on a purgatory fic that is slowly gaining momentum - we’re talking damn near big bang levels here, though I haven't gotten beyond the rough outline stage yet. Here’s the question: IS IT WORTH IT TO BECOME SO INVESTED WHEN THE NEW SEASON STARTS BEFORE I’LL FINISH IT? AND LOOKS TO BE PHENOMENAL? Is anyone interested in reading purgatory fic? Or am I just fiddling about with ideas to keep myself occupied in the interim?
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Soooooo. I'm supposed to be taking a shower before bed. Instead I'm brainstorming another hugeass Supernatural fic. *headdesk* I dunno, either.

It's not the circus but it is something very near and dear to my heart. It requires some research, though, so I'm going to start now. I'm looking for classic children's literature that transports a "simple" character somewhere else... like a hunter into purgatory the forest, for instance. Am I missing anything from this list? I've read most of these but I feel like I've left something out.

Which ones would you like to see make an appearance in Supernatural-land? (Now in handy poll form!)

[Poll #1857762]
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You know that void you feel after finally finishing a huge project that's taken up your brain for the past few months? That's where I'm at right now. :(

I really kind of want to write Purgatory fic, but there's NO PLOT yet. Just random snatches of dialogue and a whole bunch of meta. I don't want to be spoiled by anything so anything I put together will most likely be jossed but I have a lot of thoughts.

Anybody have any suggestions to get me going? Inspirations? Plot bunnies for sale?

...Prompts? I'm not promising anything, but we'll see?
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Self, what the hell are you doing? You're supposed to be finishing your Big Bang draft prior to begging for betas. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE ADDING SCENES. Didn't you learn this the last time with Dirty Rotten?

Although that scene was one of the best ones in the story, and really fleshed out the First War. Still. No new scenes!

Anyway. I'm going to need a beta once this one is done. Anyone interested? It's around about 30k non-graphic Dean/Castiel circus AU after the Vietnam War. I'm mainly looking for tense checking, making sure everything's in character, and keeping the dialogue as authentic as possible.

Anyone? Bueller?

*puppy eyes*
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I seem to be incapable of writing anything smaller than 20K. :( That being said, I signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and I'm currently knee deep in writing a circus fic, but I've hit something of a snag. Without giving too much away, Team Free Will are performers with a declining circus. I've timed it somewhere around the early 50's inspired mainly by The Greatest Show on Earth. Dean, a professional sharpshooter like his father, is "dealing" with the end of WWII and what he did there; this is not the main plot of the story, but it definitely effects the rest.

My main problem so far is that the boys - Dean especially - are very fond of pop culture, making references and listening to a particular type of music. Basing the story in the early fifties lends it a certain romanticism but makes that really hard on my part. (There are certainly references to be made, and circus life makes up a large chunk of that, but the language itself is different, you know?) And then it occurred to me: Why not time it after the Vietnam War, instead? The culture is different and a little more similar to what canon Dean is interested in. I'll have to shift my way of thinking, though, since I was trying to avoid making it too modern.

A setting change won't really alter things too drastically, but I'm not sure. Any ideas, internet? Would you rather read a story set in the early fifties or the late seventies?
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Is anyone else having problems loading insanejournal? Was there scheduled maintenance today or something?

*sigh* This is what I get for logging on before midnight, I suppose...

ETA: Question answered! Score another one for my magic flist (whom I secretly refer to as my freaky darlings, but don't tell them that). And, as it turns out, this icon is even more appropriate than before. ;)
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I am so inept at technology I should be scraping this entry on a cave wall somewhere with charcoal. Can anyone better at this give me some advice?

My computer is almost completely out of memory and I've already added extra. I'm most concerned about my music storage - I have a hell of a lot of data there just waiting to vanish on me, and I'd probably have a small nervous breakdown if I were to lose my music. I thought an excellent solution to this would be an external hard drive, where I could store my files and maybe even upload a few games. (Right now, all I have is Sims, and while it's addicting there's another extension coming out and I really want it but just don't have the room.) So I buy one. This one, on sale through another website.

I hate it. It's really not what I was wanting at all. The drive's more of a suitcase for your files than easily-accessed storage - it's the WD Synch synchronization that does it. I don't plan on taking it from one computer to another, I just want something I can store my files on, access and control them as if they were still in my computer and play random tracks when I want to. Does that make sense?

I want to sell the Passport and buy one closer to what I'm looking for but I really don't want to get screwed again. (I know I should have done more research before purchasing but I thought it would work. I'm a geek, but a lousy one.) If I were to purchase another model, would I get the desired usage or should I try something else entirely?

Drive size and capacity don't really matter. I'm aiming for inexpensive, user-friendly, and everything else I've already ranted about. ;)
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Only not really, because it's cold outside and I hate seafood. Still, I'm here! Forgive me el jay, it's been ages since my last confession.

You know, upon re-reading that last sentence, it occurs to me I still may be a little crazy from the traditional Easter chocolate gorging. Mmmm, Cadbury.

Work has been...not worth it lately. The bills are piling up and it's just getting way too stressful. The animals are still awesome, it's just the management that screws it all up. And about ninety percent of the employees are sick, myself included. This doesn't bode well.

Since it's looking more and more likely that he's going to move in with us permanently, I've taken upon myself to introduce my nephew (now 12) to some of the finer points of pop culture. We're starting small with Awesome Films Of Yesteryear. He adored King Kong, thought Ferris Bueller's Day Off was the funniest thing ever (a child after my own heart), and is making plans for acquiring Moulin Rouge on DVD, though I think that has more to do with can-can dancing and lingerie than a particular desire for cinematic excellence. The latest endeavor was The Princess Bride, before which we had this discussion:
The Nephew: *eyes the Dread Pirate Roberts dvd* The Princess Bride. I dunno... Is there any violence?
Me: *smiles* Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, escapes, true love, miracles...
TN: Giants?
Me: Yup. Andre the Giant is almost a bad guy.
TN: Sweet! Sounds cool...we can try it for a while and if it sucks I can play my PSP.
Me: Thank you. Your vote of confidence is overwhelming.
I kid you not. Needless to say he loved it. He was pretending to be a R.O.U.S. all night and jump on me every chance he got. Although he laughed for ages when he heard Mandy Patinkin's name. He changed his tune right around the first sword fight, oddly enough. ;) (Btw, Prince Humperdink and Count Rugen are totally gay for eachother, just thought I'd mention.)

Any suggestions for movies he might like?

Oh! I almost forgot. I'm working on another batch of Threadless icons, mostly from the out of print sections. If there's one you'd like to see iconized, leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do. Here's the first batch, to avoid doubles.
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I'm dying for the two issues of Planetary I don't have, and my local comic shop is being less than helpful. (Don't get me wrong, I love 'em, but their track record of back issues is not as pleasant as I'd like.) I know a lot of you read comics, and I could use some help.

Is there any website or company that reliantly delivers back issues? I used to go through Amazing Universe, but that's apparently folded since I stopped reading comics.

And I'm still crazy-psyched for this, man. Seriously. I hope they focus on the series before it went all lame, because the first four books are some of my all time favorites. The synopsis sounds like the flashbacks Wizard and Glass, so here's hoping. *crosses her fingers*
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...You know those moments when for no apparent reason a problem you'd been having with a fic pops completely whole and gorgeous in your mind, a shiny jewel of plot and loveliness?

I love it when that happens!

The Bueller/HP thing is coming along in leaps and bounds (with stops for gas and donuts along the way) and I've finally figured out how to work the parade scene. I'm gonna cut this, though spoilers are relative at this point. )


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