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Allow me to interrupt your candy comas (or eclectic* pagan honorifics to The Great Pumpkin, depending on your perspective) to bring you a brief list of...

What Misty Has Been Doing Since Last She Updated... )
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I just saw the best music video ever on late night MTV. I mean ever. Not only are there pink pants and sweater-vests, oh no, there's treadmill dancing. Synchronized treadmill dancing. And it's all in one take. (The music's not half bad, either.)

In other news, I spent all day yelling "AARRGH!" and frightening parents as I hopped onto their theater benches. Being a pirate is fun and all, but it's exhausting. I'ma go nap now.

PS - the guy still isn't finished with our bathroom. he hasn't shown up in four days, and i'm getting royally pissed.
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Guess who finally has a digital camera? That's right, baby! Whoo!

*takes pictures of my mom, dog, left nostril, etc*

Quick, someone tell me something to take and post a picture of, so I can figure out how this thing works. 'Cause the nostril pic was rather disgusting. What was that old ass meme? Tell me to take a picture of anything and I'll do it. Or something like that... (*imagines all the bad porn places that statement could lead to*)

Oh, and they want me to be a pirate at work. )

Coincidence, or plan of attack? Hmmm... )
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Newport Aquarium offers kids pirate-speak lessons on 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' September 19.

Um...okay. I'll go first. *ahem*


*sigh* Where's Johnny Depp when I need him?

Seriously, this is either going to be awesome or the worst idea ever. *stocks up on rum and dirt, just in case*
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So. Saw Pirates today. Be thee warned: Here there be spoilers. )

eta: I now have a fish. He has bulgy eyes, is black and gold, and was part of the centerpiece at my friend's graduation party tonight. I will name him Davy if he lives. Ahoy.


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