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The majority of The Precision of The Fall was edited at five in the morning on very little sleep. Reading through it again I noticed a lot of errors I missed. That was totally my bad (not my beautiful beta’s) and I feel terrible about it. I’ve gone through and adjusted everything so that it’s perfect... or as close to perfect as I can get. I’ve also updated the PDFs so if you've already downloaded and want a better version you may want to check that out.

There’s nothing quite so mortifying as being super excited about posting something only to find glaring grammar issues after you’ve pimped it all over. *headdesk*
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Almost eleven thousand words in to my Big Bang. ELEVEN THOUSAND WORDS, two thousand of which I produced tonight. Some of that is still in rough format, just dialogue and placeholders until I can fill it out later. I haven't even added in the act descriptions or flushed out a lot of the plot points yet. I've got a long way to go, but it looks like I might actually get there.

Holy shit. I'm not bragging, I'm just a little boggled. I had a moment like this on my last two stories, too. That I-can't-believe-I'm-writing-this-much-or-maybe-this-well feeling. I'm not sure what to make of it right now.

...Of course, part of that could be because it's after four in the morning. *headdesk*
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So I just wrote this:

It is the nature of the circus to be transitional, a fleeting dream set up and gone again in a day. After so long living like a gypsy, being stationary fit like a bad coat. And as familiar and comfortable as Carver’s winter quarters were, Dean always felt better when he was on the road. He’d spent the beginning of his life in a boxcar, the clickety clack of the railway and his mother’s lilting voice the only lullabies he knew.

With the advent of the highway it was certainly easier to pack everything and go, big trucks and silver bullet campers taking the place of rail cars and steam. Traveling shows like theirs could hit more small towns this way; branching away from the mother roads onto any pavement Bobby was willing to risk the big rigs. Sometimes, when Dean was having trouble sleeping at night, he’d toss the keys to Sam and lean his head against the metal door of their Ford RV and conjure up those train sounds, letting the sway of the road drift him away.

Dean always slept better when they were traveling.

He doesn’t think Sam remembers the trains, and that makes him sad. He knows he doesn’t remember their mother.
And I realized something about my Big Bang universe.

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I normally don't post memes, but I really liked this one. I worked in a children's library for almost a year, so this is something I'm a little...familiar with, shall we say. ;)

100 Books Every Child Should Read meme, gacked from [ profile] cincodemaygirl:

Neil Gaiman posted a link to the Telegraph's list of 100 books every
child should read. I've bolded the ones I've read, and my comments are in italics.

Behold it! )
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Allow me to interrupt your candy comas (or eclectic* pagan honorifics to The Great Pumpkin, depending on your perspective) to bring you a brief list of...

What Misty Has Been Doing Since Last She Updated... )
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While browsing through [ profile] buttfacemakani's Project HBP, I just had a thought.

We know Harry's Aunt Petunia knows more about the wizarding world than she's letting on, because of her reactions throughout the books and her Howler in the latest. What if she's got a horcrux? It'd make sense in old-fashioned JKR style. Not that she knows what it is, of course, but I'm willing to lay money that she was presented with what was recovered from Godric's Hollow. Well, everything that wasn't obviously magical in nature, anyway. Perhaps the horcrux looked a little too ordinary for it's own good and found itself collecting dust in a locked, taped, and forgotten section of the Dursley's attic.

Hell, Dumbledore may have even known about it. It's the perfect hiding place, we've established that.


Or it could be almost two in the morning, and I need to go to sleep. One of the two.
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I just used the last of my Christmas money to buy Gorillaz "Demon Days" cd. I liked the singles from their first album, but never really got into them at the peak of their popularity. Last year (or was it the year before?) the girls and I took a trip down to Louisville to see [ profile] disi, among other things. [ profile] spoonthefork played this album almost exclusively in the car and it lent amazing atmosphere. After listening more closely I like the tracks just as much as I did then, and really, it is the perfect nightdriving soundtrack. Plus, it has Dennis Hopper doing a cameo. How can that be bad?

Finally went to see Night at the Museum, and it was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it'd be. All I really have to say is this... )

All right. To bed with me. My vision is blurred and my lumpy mattress is calling.
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Mom and I just watched Step Up. After five hours of playing Guitar Hero with the best friend. And working nine. At four in the morning.

I spent the movie wondering why I couldn't stop watching long enough to regain some dignity* and calling down Shakespearean doom on dumbass Mercutio "Skinny". A few hours before I was giving "rock fists of love"** to a person whose hand-eye coordination is even worse than mine. (I know, I didn't think it was possible either.)

... I have the strangest nightlife ever. Not the most entertaining, but certainly the strangest.

* The choreography, music, and hotness - in that order.
** Not as pervy as it sounds. There's a couple times in GH where the crowd makes double rock fists towards the band. I did it, too, and her coordination got a smidgen better. Not a lot, but a smidgen. You should try it next time. ;)

Ps - It's wrong of me to want to go to grad school in order to teach Intro to Literature and use Happy Feet and movies like Step Up as classroom examples, isn't it? Am I completely crazy in thinking that would be the coolest thing ever?
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Happy January 1, everybody!

For New Year's I...did pretty much nothing, as I am low with some sort of throat thing. It's not the debilitating wish-the-world-would-swallow-me-whole thing like strep is, but it's kept me out of work the past three days. My voice has been hoarse the whole week, and I showed up on Thursday barely able to squeak "hello" to my supervisors. It was quite comical. They were both complaining how they didn't want to get sick this holiday and when I spoke their eyes got huge and immediately sent me home with orders to not speak the rest of the day. It got worse before it got better, and now I can talk (mostly) audibly for about ten minutes on end. That said, I spent tonight hanging out with mom (who has a bit of a cold), watching Ace of Cakes, and playing my new Guitar Hero, which is every bit as addicting as its reputation proclaims.

Not only did I get Guitar Hero, several cd's and dvd's from my mom, and more clothes that won't fit me, but I also got this from my dad... )

So Christmas was fun this year, if a little different. We usually spend Christmas Day and New Year's with Grandma Laake but she was just released from the hospital after a quadruple bypass (it was scary and unexpected, but she's doing fine and on the road to recovery, so we're all okay now) so that was a no go. In fact, I got sick the day after I visited her at the hospital. Hmm. Let this be a lesson to you, children: always where a coat in the rain, regardless of the unseasonably warm weather on Christmas Day.

2007. Man, that seems like a lot, doesn't it? I've been out of high school for seven years, and college for two. This past year we've had car accidents, heart surgeries, graduations, a new bathroom, our first family trip in years, and all manner of odds and ends that make one shake her head. Still, we're all alive, happy, and (mostly) healthy.

It's been a good year. :)
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Before heading off to work a mildly horrific party until the wee hours of the morning, mom and I took my nephew to see Eragon. He was excited. I was indifferent. I've never read the books, but remember hearing all the excitement about the series when it was first released, much the same as with the Harry Potter books. (Working in a library will do that to you, I suppose.)

I'm going to cut my reactions, though if you click you'll understand why I shouldn't. )
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Work lately has remained...frustrating. I don't think there's a single person who's happy to be there anymore, except maybe the director who'd be happy if a fucking blizzard landed on his head.

Which reminds me: goddamn but it's cold out there. You all may laugh at the new hat I put away for Christmas, but hey - when you haven't been warm since September anything warm is promising. (Plus, I do love it so. Lookit the little flaps! Hee!)*

I finally saw Happy Feet and was pleasantly surprised. I think what I liked best was that they used facts about how emperor's behave (using sound to find and keep a mate, for instance) and turned them into a rockin' dance number with kickass choreography. And the soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard, seriously. The only slow song in the whole set is K.D. Lang's "Golden Slumber"; it's jarring between all the excitement, but in a good way.

Can you believe my mother didn't know you had to cut the rings on plastic pop can holders? I grew up among a veritable smorgasbord of SAVE THE PLANET teachings at my elementary school, and I ranted and raved at her for five minutes when I caught her throwing one away un-snipped the other day. When Lovelace appeared onscreen (he's seeing lights and hearing voices because it's CUTTING OFF THE CIRCULATION TO HIS BRAIN) she glanced at me nervously and I could feel the guilt pouring from her. I patted her hand and raised my eyebrow in the universal "mother nature forgives you but don't fuck it up" gesture.

The ending made me feel guilty that I work in an aquarium. But... but... ours are enriched and happy and having babies! And... um... *flails* Okay. I shall now call every penguin Dave and wish him "good morning".

Aaaaaand and icon meme, last seen on [ profile] grrliz's journal, because I cannot resist them. )

* This is the one and only time I've been in an American Eagle - I saw the hat in the window and couldn't help myself. I also purchased this, and was sorely tempted to buy some of these, too, although I already have three pairs. Glittons, as we've discussed previously, are the shit.
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I just saw the best music video ever on late night MTV. I mean ever. Not only are there pink pants and sweater-vests, oh no, there's treadmill dancing. Synchronized treadmill dancing. And it's all in one take. (The music's not half bad, either.)

In other news, I spent all day yelling "AARRGH!" and frightening parents as I hopped onto their theater benches. Being a pirate is fun and all, but it's exhausting. I'ma go nap now.

PS - the guy still isn't finished with our bathroom. he hasn't shown up in four days, and i'm getting royally pissed.
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It's bad that I want to make a Harry Potter fan vid to Cobra Starship's 'Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)', isn't it? Because I do. Oh, how I do.

Maybe I should wait until HBP comes out in flim so that the line "Snakes is slitherin' with dollar signs in their eyes and tongues so reptilian" makes more sense...

*is ashamed*

Yeah. Other stuff happened this week, but I don't have the attention span to tell you about it right now. Maybe tomorrow. *wanders off to finish laundry*
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Oh, I am so ready for it to be this weekend. I miss my girls.

And I requested Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off awhile ago because I wasn't sure what days we'd be meeting. Through some bizarre and advantageous scheduling mishap I don't have to be back in the fish shirt until next Thursday. Couple this with my vacation time next week (mom, grandma, and I are all going to Niagra Falls on a bus, did I mention?) and I'm looking at about seven days of work in three weeks.

... I am so happy right now.

*breaks out the comfy clothes and chocolate*

*ignores crying bank account*
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The world's most random thought: What must it have been like to be John Wayne's stunt double?

My mom's become obsessed with Karlo's italian food. I had gnocchi for the first time tonight - you guys never told me it was so heavy. Good, but heavy. And I've discovered that I rather enjoy artichokes, but despise asparagus.


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