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I have RL stuff to talk about, but don't really feel like delving into it at the moment so back to what you've come to expect: a meme! This one from [ profile] ignited.

Comment and I'll give you three interests on your list and three of your icons to explain.

The interests and icons she chose... )
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Work lately has remained...frustrating. I don't think there's a single person who's happy to be there anymore, except maybe the director who'd be happy if a fucking blizzard landed on his head.

Which reminds me: goddamn but it's cold out there. You all may laugh at the new hat I put away for Christmas, but hey - when you haven't been warm since September anything warm is promising. (Plus, I do love it so. Lookit the little flaps! Hee!)*

I finally saw Happy Feet and was pleasantly surprised. I think what I liked best was that they used facts about how emperor's behave (using sound to find and keep a mate, for instance) and turned them into a rockin' dance number with kickass choreography. And the soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard, seriously. The only slow song in the whole set is K.D. Lang's "Golden Slumber"; it's jarring between all the excitement, but in a good way.

Can you believe my mother didn't know you had to cut the rings on plastic pop can holders? I grew up among a veritable smorgasbord of SAVE THE PLANET teachings at my elementary school, and I ranted and raved at her for five minutes when I caught her throwing one away un-snipped the other day. When Lovelace appeared onscreen (he's seeing lights and hearing voices because it's CUTTING OFF THE CIRCULATION TO HIS BRAIN) she glanced at me nervously and I could feel the guilt pouring from her. I patted her hand and raised my eyebrow in the universal "mother nature forgives you but don't fuck it up" gesture.

The ending made me feel guilty that I work in an aquarium. But... but... ours are enriched and happy and having babies! And... um... *flails* Okay. I shall now call every penguin Dave and wish him "good morning".

Aaaaaand and icon meme, last seen on [ profile] grrliz's journal, because I cannot resist them. )

* This is the one and only time I've been in an American Eagle - I saw the hat in the window and couldn't help myself. I also purchased this, and was sorely tempted to buy some of these, too, although I already have three pairs. Glittons, as we've discussed previously, are the shit.
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My writing muse may have taken a siesta but my icon muse is still... well, she's shown up at work, anyway.

38 The Prestige icons, all rather simple. (I apparently have a thing for period costumes, collars, and stage lights. Oh, and the obligatory boob shot, naturally.) No spoilers you couldn't learn from watching the trailer.


Abracadabra! )
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Oh lord, I made icons.

35 black and white PCU icons and their variants, including fifteen quote icons.


- Hotlinking is bad, so please 'save target as'.
- Credit is appreciated.
- Caps came mostly from here.
- Please don't alter any of them, even the blanks. They're simple but I like them as they are, thanks.

All right, deadly Zulu drum protest. Haven't seen one of those since my third sophomore year. )


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